Journey to Find a Power Song and Pouch

This is a school assignment – my first final. The journey is to Midgard, to ask for a ‘galdrar’ or magical song, and our medicine pouch (pungr) – what it looks like and what should go in it. Also we are to locate our first tools – a staff, precious stones, tin buttons and a touchwood – which is exactly how it sounds – a piece of wood worn to touch and ground. All of these items are in the lore as what the volva (seidr practitioner) wore.

I have many staffs and random hunks of wood in and around my house. My husband works in our watershed lakes and brings a lot of wood home. I’ve had my eye out for a working staff since I first ran across seidr a few years ago. So I have a few – but for this I chose a gnarled and twisted petrified yew staff with the bark still on. It’s old growth. It’s quite heavy and yew in one of the strongest woods so it feels right.

I dug a few tin buttons out of my grandmother’s sewing box – I think they’ll do for now though, I want to look for more. Maybe Etsy? Or our local flea market. I’m a little confused about the tin buttons because they are supposed to ‘function as a lateen’ according to the lore and my readings – how do buttons function as a sail?

My touchwood is a bracelet of prayer beads I’ve had for a long time – they were waiting for a purpose. I think they’re sandalwood. Also though I have a piece of red rock that I was given for protection while journeying. Where I’m from any red rock is considered a power rock or to be sacred by First Nations. This rock is flaky – I was told to scratch some off and make a paste with water and paint it on my face.

I have a lot of semi-precious stones around the house – jade, quartz, amber, other crystals. The only precious stone I have is a large un-tumbled garnet that fits in my fist – it lives in my mesa as a root chakra ground. I brought it with me today.

I did a journey today to look for my pouch and song. I’ll transcribe here (try to keep it short).

I have to admit I used a rattle today to go into trance – with chanting, breathing and singing. I find the repetitive sounds work so much better for me – I may just be used to it – but I really wanted the journey to ‘work’ and the last couple I’ve tried, with just singing, didn’t.

I came out to the front of my house – my neighbourhood was the same except further down my street reality seemed to be swallowed up by a dark fog – like colours bleeding into black. I felt nervous but this time I stood in the middle of the street and thumped my staff on the ground (it turned white and spat light for a second), and said something like, “Know you all, I am not afraid. Nothing can harm me here. I am of the Divine, as is everything. I fight only my own demons.” I felt instantly better. I walked towards the darkness – which faded into a forest trail – funny fat and squat trees with green bark (with carvings on it?) and lush leaves lined the path, which was thick with mud and ditches – as though a tractor had just driven it. I come to an opening in the trees and there at a fork in the path, off to one side on a pedestal, sits a great lady – huge golden wings, yellow hair, white roman-like gown – except she’s drawn, like animated. She is one of my own drawings actually come to life. When I ask if she is Freyja I hear a yes. I ask about my pouch – what should go in it. I see it at my hip. It’s brown, rough sued with no markings or beads. Functional. Utilitarian. I get the impression the pouch itself doesn’t matter – just pick a pouch! Then I see a bear paw drawing, then bear claws – are they hanging from the pouch? Or are there tassels? Anyways I think the bear claw is supposed to go in my pouch or be a part of it.

I begin to doubt that this is Freyja in front of me so I continue on the right hand side path – it turns into a meandering country lane with banks of grass and bush on either side – to my right is a cow fence – posts and barbed wire. A large brown and white cow peaks over the fence at me. The sky is blue and sunny. I begin to relax and enjoy the walk – the birds singing. Peaceful.

But then I figure I should direct myself somewhere so I decide to go to my power spot at the beach. Immediately the path shifts downwards and gets rocky. I can see the ocean below. When I come to the beach I have a hard time at first surveying my surroundings. It seems like all I can do is look micro close at a rock or the ground – even the ocean tries to get massive in my face – hard to explain – it’s like all the Beings trying to get my attention at once – and it’s almost in a menacing kind of way – more like… a test. I tap my staff again and say ’No!’ and all goes back to normal.

I sit at the edge of the beach and ask Freyja for more info about the pouch – I show her a large flat table-like rock to put the things on. I see a green stone colour maybe tourmaline or similar – but large – I see a red ribbon, something in brass and the bear claw. I ask if I can put turquoise in as well and it seems to be ok.

A few more things happen but I’ll jump to the end – after wandering around for a while looking for my song I decide to go home. Just as I get to my house, Midgard comes up from behind me and goes past me – my house disappears into a dark forested path. So – I walk down it a while and sit on a park bench. My Song comes to me, floating on the air – it is a few silver rings, like bangles floating in and around each other – rather like the olympics symbol floating in the air. The sound is monotonous – just two notes – the words are ‘see-lou see-lou see-lou see-lou see-lou see-lou see-lou see-LOU”.

I thank the song and go inside.

Notes: every-time I tap my staff on the ground it lights up and turns white. This is cool. I feel like Gandalf.

What I’m wearing: the same or similar brown sued boots with ties and fur-lined. A blue cowichan sweater again – this time indigo blue – but with red stitching again. This sweater had a hood and ‘wings’ like those 80s style sweaters – but – also had huge black feathers coming out of the shoulder area. Throughout the journey I practice getting air with these wings. At times there are also little gold wings coming out of my back. Interesting. Interesting that blue and red together have come up in many journeys for me now. I’m thinking these are my colours in otherworld.

I’m not sure of the song – I tried for so long to hear a song in this journey – neat how it cam upon me at the end – but it’s not really a song – it’s just a hum that I’ve used in the past to try to go into trance. So it’s not a new sound.

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