30 Day Yoga Challenge Launch Day – Help Me Raise $3000 This Month

Karma Teachers Campaign 2016 | SpiritMAMA Blog

Karma Teachers Campaign 2016 | Spirit Mama Blog

Hey everyone I want to tell you about the project I’ve been working on for the past month!

I want to raise $3000 in the next 30 days for Karma Teachers – this is the yoga teacher training college I graduated from in the Spring. They are a training college but also a studio that offers a full schedule of free or by donation yoga classes. Based in the downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver BC, Karma is the first yoga college of its kind – a non-profit. They believe that yoga, a life-changing pursuit, should be accessible to all (not just those who can afford $100 yoga pants).

I am very proud to launch this campaign and I hope that you can join me to help me raise money to move Karma into a new permanent studio space. Karma is the real deal – they work from the heart and they change people’s lives. I have seen it myself!

This is how it works:

I need 33 of you lovely folks to donate $90 to my campaign. You can donate $1 per day, or you can make three payments of $30 for the next three months, or you can donate it all at once. (The campaign is for 30 days but once you pledge you have 90 days to pay.) The ask is $90, but if you can’t do that much than any donation is of course, much appreciated.

In the spirit of the campaign, I will be doing yoga for the next 30 days to hold space. I’ll film my practice and post it here to my blog via my Youtube channel. I’ll provide links to the classes I am taking and to any other useful yoga stuff I find along the way.

BUT THIS IS THE KICKER 🙂 At the end of the campaign, if I raise the entire $3000, I am authorized to give away a 200 hour Karma Teachers, Yoga Alliance approved teacher training to someone who donated to my campaign. This is 200 hours of training worth $3500. The winner will be chosen by a draw that I will film and post on Youtube and here.

Also, at the end of each week I’ll be gifting to people who donated that week, with mini-draws, giving away some really beautiful stuff that I have gathered from some of my friends doing cool and creative things!! So if you aren’t in Vancouver you can still participate and maybe win something cool.

I’m super stoked to raise this money because I was given a full scholarship for teacher training from Karma last year – and it has set my life in a new direction. The training was stellar and yoga, well yoga is a game-changer.

So if you want to get your name in that hat for some lovely gifts or for the teacher training, or you just want to donate to my campaign and help Karma to keep on doing the amazing work they do, follow the link below to my campaign page and click the donate button! Bring your friends too because remember we only get the teacher training if I raise the full $3000.

My Campaign Page 

If you just want to donate but don’t want to be entered into the draw for teacher training please let me know via here or the campaign page.

Here’s my first class for Launch day.

I was doing 40 days of yoga, beginning with January 1st this year – but I’m excited to morph this challenge into a 30 day challenge to hold space for a fundraising campaign I’m launching for my teachers and their yoga studio, Karma Teachers. Today is launch day – day 1!

I did a fantastic class from Stephen BeitlerTaha Yoga on Free Yoga TV. Here’s the link to the class.

I love this teacher! He is very skilled. I find it funny that he instructs in such a soft voice while he’s killing you! In other words, awesome class. I feel the burn, but also the strength and groundedness that Hatha always gives me. Gratitude.

Donate to my Karma Teachers campaign from Jan 18 to Feb 16th, to be entered into draws for lovely free gifts and a free 200 hour Karma Teachers, Yoga Alliance approved, Teacher Training! Check out my campaign page for more info and to donate.


Thanks guys! I really hope you will join me in making this a success. Stay tuned for more posts on the upcoming draws. Happy New Year and Namaste (the light in me bows to the light in you).
xo Spirit Mama Sky

From Karma teachers:

Karma Teachers offers the only Federally registered Non Profit Teacher training that provides Full and Partial Scholarships. Registered with both Yoga Alliance and Canadian Yoga Alliance. Passionately and lovingly taught by the most inspiring and  powerhouse faculty team plus Legendary Master Teachers as mentors and guest teachers. The most epic, talked about, groundbreaking, empowering and high quality 200 Hour plus teacher training. Just ask any of our graduates or read below. Our teacher training always fill up and usually has a waiting list.

“The best Teacher Training…ever!” – Sandra Sammartino (Founder of Yoga Outreach and Yoga Alliance) “Healing” ‘”Life-changing” “Game-Changer” “Transformative” “The best decision I have ever made” “Inspiring and highly skilled teachers” “A new benchmark in teacher training.””This training saved my life”

Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation

Karma Teachers Logo | SpiritMAMA Blog

This is a 33 day campaign. See the next day here.

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