Karma Yoga Challenge Week 1 – Win a Little Slice of Vancouver Culture

Hastings Sunrise Cooks | Spirit Mama Blog

Woo hoo! Three donations so far! That’s 7% of my goal.

Karma Teachers Logo | Spirit Mama BlogDonate to week one of my Karma Teachers campaign to win… drumrollll please…. this beautiful cookbook and canvas shopping bag from the folks at Hastings Sunrise Cooks. Hastings Sunrise Cooks is a project collective with the mission to inspire those living in and around Hastings Sunrise to experience the diverse and mouth-watering food our neighbourhood is serving up. The cookbook showcases Hastings Sunrise Restaurants, Delis and Cafes, along-side stories from our community with urban gardening tips, cooking how-to’s and neighbourhood perspectives from our residents.

That’s my lovely neighbourhood here in East Vancouver. This cookbook is a fundraising project undertaken by the PAC (PTA I think it’s called in the States) at my son’s school (of which I am a part). The cookbook turned out amazingly! We are almost all sold out and people are asking when we will reprint! Well, we aren’t reprinting so here’s your chance to get a little slice of Vancouver culture. And grab the reusable, washable canvas shopping bag. It’s cool and you get green points. Vancouver is all about green points.


Draw will be on Sunday!

You will also be entered in to win a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training‬ in week four, the final week.

Donate at my campaign pageI just need one of you to donate to my campaign today. Just one! Get some good karma and help me help Karma Teachers to continue to provide free yoga in the Downtown Eastside!


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