30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 3 – Heart Open Wide

30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 3 | SpiritMAMA Blog

Today I did a sweet, slow heart opening practice. I have to admit the class felt a little cheesy to me. A lot of self-love kind of prompts that make my eyes roll in the back of my head. But being out in the world today I felt very different! Calm, relaxed, happy and open. Generous with my attention and eye contact. I had a job interview that went better than any I’ve had in the past. I realized that this practice was a heart-opener – lots of back bends. I now think that back bends are a remedy for anxiety, something I struggle with. Definitely good for job interviews!

Th class is called You Are Love, by Sarah Harrison, on Gaia TV. You have to buy a subscription but I highly recommend it! Every class I’ve done through them so far has been good to stellar. Here’s a link  to the class.

Here’s Sarah’s website.

Don’t forget to donate to my Karma Teachers campaign from Jan 18 to Feb 16th, to be entered into draws for lovely free gifts and a free 200 hour Karma Teachers, Yoga Alliance approved, Teacher Training! Check out my campaign page for more info and to donate.

Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation

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This is a 33 day campaign. See the last day here. See the next day here.

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