Karma Teachers Campaign Day 5 – Kundalini Fusion

Yoga is all about listening in to your body. How am I feeling? What does my body need today? Where am I sore or tight or even possibly injured? Today my body is saying rest. So I chose a shorter fusion class – vinyasa with some prana-moving kundalini aspects. It was good but I’m till feeling worn out and sore.

Another great thing to do when embarking on a yogic path is to visit your chiropractor or your massage therapist regularly. As my chiro said to me, new students of yoga usually need to come in more – all that yoga while still new to alignment can get you all bent out of shape! I think I am due for that.

Here’s the class on Gaia TV: Joyous Unfolding and Rejuvenation by Kia Miller. I really enjoyed the kundalini prana-moving parts of this class. I kinda wished I had just done an hour of that. You can see my son on the couch behind me – at one point he was saying ‘that looks like fun mummy!’ It was. Love to get the prana moving.

Again this is on Gaia TV which you need a subscription for – but it’s very reasonable and definitely worth every cent. (PS I am not an affiliate of Gaia. I just love it!)

Who’s going to be our change-hero today? I’ve got 25 days left of the campaign and two days until the first draw! Donate this week to be entered to win the Hastings Sunrise Cooks cookbook and canvas shopping bag, featuring delis, cafe and restaurants from my Vancouver Eastside neighbourhood, Hastings Sunrise (otherwise known as the East Village).

Don’t forget to donate to my Karma Teachers campaign from Jan 18 to Feb 16th, to be entered into draws for lovely free gifts and a free 200 hour Karma Teachers, Yoga Alliance approved, Teacher Training! Check out my campaign page for more info and to donate.

Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation

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