Hypnotizing Circle Dance By Sufi Zikr

Sufi Zikr Dance | SpiritMAMA Blog

I came across this on Facebook and found it on Youtube – absolutely hypnotic! Can’t stop watching. What does it bring up for you? For me it’s sort of earth-bound, powerful, hypnotic and ancient feeling. I’d really wish I could get this on vinyl!

At first I thought this was a form of whirling dervish, but here is a quote from the comments on Facebook:

Sufi dance Zikr in Chechnya
“What they are doing is a very typical Sufi Muslim thing called ‘dhikr’ which means remembrance or recitation. They use Quranic verses, poems or Islamic chants to remember and praise God and sending blessings to the Prophet. It is practised all over the Muslim world and extremely hypnotic. For a few moments you forget all pain and suffering in your life.”


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