Rainbow Body Guided Visualization

Rainbow Body | SpiritMAMA Blog

I do a variation of this every morning. This is a basic foundational mediation and visualization for clearing out your chakras and grounding to the earth. You can build on it later after you’re comfortable with it.

Go into a meditative state in the usual way, with steps downward or counting or whatever you use to relax yourself into a deeper meditative state.

Then open the chakras, starting with the Root chakra: red, then the Spleen: orange, the Solar Plexus, yellow, the Heart: green, the Throat: sky-blue, the Third Eye: indigo, the Crown: violet.

In your mind’s eye, see these spots in the corresponding places on your body. Open them by creating light and color there in accordance with the chakra. Make them spin. Then, pay attention if any the color seems off or faded. If so, stop and concentrate on bringing light to that place and ‘cleaning’ it out.

Let the rainbow of colors and light encircle your whole body. Once your whole body is glowing and it is effortless, move on to the next visualization.

Envision roots coming out of your tailbone and snaking down into the earth – down and down as far as they can go. This works better if you actually see them go through your floorboards, and the cement foundation of your house and into the rocks and dirt and worms in the earth. The more details the better.

Then call upon the Mother-spirit of the planet for energy. Pull up earth-energy through your roots into the base of your spine and flowing through the rest of your body. For me it’s a syrupy slow kind of flow and it’s softly glowing purple. The energy flows into my whole body. I see it go into every limb and pinky finger, every wrinkle and sore spot.

Then shoot up tendrils from the crown of your head into the atmosphere in a similar way. Ask the Creator and cosmos for sky-energy. To me it comes racing down through my head and fills up my whole body. It is cold, bright-white, lightening fast and crackling with electricity.

Allow the two energies to co-mingle around your whole system (body, etheric body, emotional body etc). Then, revisit the rainbow body and allow these energies to come into the chakras briefly to clean everything out. Check in on the colours in each chakra. If they are not completely bright and vibrant, spend some time letting these energies clear them out some more. Do your best but be gentle with yourself. (Note: sometimes there is a lot of blockage in an area and I find it may take several sessions to completely clear it. If this happens you may want to note this down in your journal to research or work on more.).

In closing, retract the roots and tendrils and one by one shut down the chakras. Then slowly come back into regular awareness.

For those who find it hard to meditate, doing visualizations like this are a great way to practice. They help to clear your head of thoughts because you are concentrating on the visualization. And for me, someone who has had trouble at times sitting still for five minutes in meditation, once I’m through with this process, I’ve been under for half an hour! It is so relaxing.

Image source unknown. Is it yours? Let me know!

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