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From my desk today: I love it when people get creative around the things they love. I’ve been following this guy’s work for some time. I’ve enjoyed his interpretations of the runes and now, he wrote a song for each one! Check them out at his Bandcamp at the following link. If you like, why not support the arts and buy some, or all?

You may have heard of Tyriel of Rune Secrets. Here’s more from him:

“I am so happy to announce my long promised 24 song album surrounding each rune meaning!

This is music I made once I realized I wanted to explore another method of interpreting the runes, this time a journey through music rather than words. It is based of my work in The Book of Rune Secrets.

Discuss in this forum thread on the Rune Secrets Community!

Please buy and share this work, you are the only way of spreading the word I have. As always, I love to hear from you and have people find value in the site, my work, and each other.”

Featured image by Nathaniel at Flickr

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4 thoughts on “The Runes Inspire Music

  1. Thank you, I’m honoured at the appreciation. I hope others find it as spiritually satisfying to listen to as I did creating it. It was a marathon!


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