How I Met Bear

Princess and the Bear by John Bauer | SpiritMAMA Blog

I am mortally terrified of bears. It’s a phobia. But a few years ago bears started showing up in my dreams, always chasing me. People give me gifts with bears on them. This year Bear showed up in my shamanic journeys.

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Shamanic Journeying and Liminal Spaces

The Wizard of Oz | SpiritMAMA Blog

I’ve always been fascinated by stories that talk about going to parallel realities through tunnels or portals. C.S Lewis’s Narnia was my favourite, in particular The Magicians Nephew. Remember that between place that the children find? A heavily wooded forest with its cloying stillness that caused one to doze and forget – dotted with many pools, each one leading to a […]

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Macro to Micro: We Are of the Earth

Woman Covered in Flowers | SpiritMAMA Blog

This morning I did another meditation to speak to the spirit of my disease. I had interesting results with this work the last time I did it. Read that here. This is what came up this time: This time when I went into my turret staircase to decent into a deeper meditative space, I found […]

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