What is a Spiritual Practice?

Back in the day I worked at a high fashion retail store, selling too expensive imports from Paris and London to ladies who couldn’t really afford them. One of my co-workers was a model (quite obviously – tall, beautiful in that androgynous kind of way). We didn’t talk too much, but I remember her telling […]

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How I Found My Shadow

Cat Shadow | SpiritMAMA Blog

After reading a post from a past teacher, I decided to try out asking the spirit of my disease what it was here to teach me. For those who don’t know, I have Graves Disease, which is an autoimmune malfunction where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland (roughly speaking). Symptoms for me, fluctuate. Lately it’s […]

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First Journey to Midgard

First Journey to Midgard - SpiritMAMA

  To prepare for the journey I took a shower and then laid out my mesa/altar. I used singing to go onto trance. It was laborious. I carried with me my yew staff and a rock from my mesa to ground me. I went out my front door and down the path to my garden […]

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Journey to the Underworld

Journey to the Underworld - SpiritMAMA

In the West (last summer) we were guided to meet with Huaskar (Huascar, Waskar), the Peruvian keeper of the Underworld. We were directed to give him a gift and then ask a question. He would give us an answer and a gift back. Because it was a guided journey, or because it was my first […]

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