Rainbow Body Guided Visualization

Rainbow Body | SpiritMAMA Blog

I do a variation of this every morning. This is a basic foundational mediation and visualization for clearing out your chakras and grounding to the earth. You can build on it later after you’re comfortable with it. Go into a meditative state in the usual way, with steps downward or counting or whatever you use to […]

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Shining Skull Breath and Anuloma Viloma

Woman Sits Pranayama | SpiritMAMA Blog

Here’s a breathing technique, called the Shining Skull Breath or Kapalabhati Pranayama. I learned a version of it during the Medicine Wheel (MW) I did last year, called the Shaman’s Breath. In the morning I get up at 6 and do three rounds of 100 breaths, at whichever pace I feel like at that moment, […]

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Karma Teachers Campaign 30 Day Yoga Challenge Winners!

Karma Teachers Campaign 2016 | SpiritMAMA Blog

Hey everyone! Our campaign for Karma Teachers is now complete. All in we raised $780 for my campaign. So far all of our mini-campaigns in the Karma community have raised over $10,000! That’s so awesome. We didn’t get to the big prize of giving away a teacher training but it is time to give away […]

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Karma Teachers Campaign Week Four

Sea Lioness Mala Close Up from Mika Mala | SpiritMAMA Blog

Happy Family Day in BC! And welcome to Day 22 of my Karma Teachers campaign. Auspiciously, 11 days left, my favourite number. A prefect day to announce my next gift for all you donors (and would be donors). I’m very excited about this gift – it’s so lovely and so aligns with the spirit of […]

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Karma Teachers Campaign Day 20

Saturday morning! I had a lovely long 1.5 hour session on my mat, then a walk to get a latte. Sun is shining. Perfection. This class is from the book, Yoga Mind Body and Spirit by Donna Farhi. This book was my very first introduction to yoga back 2001. It taught me about proper alignment, breathing […]

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Karma Teachers Campaign Day 17 – Sun Salutations Expansion

I was feeling a little bit nervous about practicing today because I’ve been sick for so long. I wasn’t sure what style would be good for my body. I came to the mat and meditated on it for a while, as I do every morning, and it came to me to do my own class. […]

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Karma Teachers Campaign Week Three

I thought I’d publish my campaign video here in case people aren’t clicking through to the actual campaign page. Plus hi! It’s always interesting I think, to ‘see’ the people behind the writing in the blogosphere. I’m raising $3000 in the next 33 days, to benefit Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation. This non-profit yoga […]

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Karma Teachers Campaign Day 16 – Easing Back Into Practice with Yin

Wow! It’s day 16 already! I’ve been sick for days and days so mot much yoga going on. Happy to finally be back at my mat. Today I eased back into practice with a Yin class with Bernie Clark via Gaia TV. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Yin, it’s a very slow […]

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Karma Teachers Campaign Day 9 – Breakfast Yoga

A short but sweet class from Giselle Mari via Gaia TV. So hard to get out of bed to the mat in the mornings! But we can do it right? It’s always worth the effort. This morning I fell over in my head stand! Ouch. Here’s Giselle’s class. It was ok. Not good or bad. […]

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