9 Pillars and Awenydd Practices

9 Pillars - SpiritMAMA

This post is a landing page for the practices and concepts that I am being taught in the 9 Pillars tradition (Norse Shamanism) –  overlain with my existing daily and weekly practices from the Incan Medicine Wheel and the new practices I’m learning from a teacher in British native shamanism – she’s an ‘Awenydd’ – a […]

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Journey to Find a Power Song and Pouch

This is a school assignment – my first final. The journey is to Midgard, to ask for a ‘galdrar’ or magical song, and our medicine pouch (pungr) – what it looks like and what should go in it. Also we are to locate our first tools – a staff, precious stones, tin buttons and a […]

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First Journey to Midgard

First Journey to Midgard - SpiritMAMA

  To prepare for the journey I took a shower and then laid out my mesa/altar. I used singing to go onto trance. It was laborious. I carried with me my yew staff and a rock from my mesa to ground me. I went out my front door and down the path to my garden […]

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The Earth is in Our Bones

I Am An Animist - SpiritMAMA

I grew up in a small town situated on an extinct volcano – up in the hills of it, surrounded by more mountains and forests. My mom was a hippy and a ski-bum. I learned to ski as a toddler and lost my two front teeth on the face of Red Mountain, BC. In my […]

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Trance with Song

Trance with Song - SpiritMAMA

  At the school we are asked to practice going into trance every week on Freyja’s day – which is Friday. This is my first experience with crossing worlds via singing, instead of drumming or rattling. Amazing to be working on this, considering all the trouble I have had with singing this past year – […]

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