9 Pillars and Awenydd Practices

9 Pillars - SpiritMAMA

This post is a landing page for the practices and concepts that I am being taught in the 9 Pillars tradition (Norse Shamanism) –  overlain with my existing daily and weekly practices from the Incan Medicine Wheel and the new practices I’m learning from a teacher in British native shamanism – she’s an ‘Awenydd’ – a […]

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Journey to Find a Power Song and Pouch

This is a school assignment – my first final. The journey is to Midgard, to ask for a ‘galdrar’ or magical song, and our medicine pouch (pungr) – what it looks like and what should go in it. Also we are to locate our first tools – a staff, precious stones, tin buttons and a […]

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First Journey to Midgard

First Journey to Midgard - SpiritMAMA

  To prepare for the journey I took a shower and then laid out my mesa/altar. I used singing to go onto trance. It was laborious. I carried with me my yew staff and a rock from my mesa to ground me. I went out my front door and down the path to my garden […]

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The Earth is in Our Bones

I Am An Animist - SpiritMAMA

I grew up in a small town situated on an extinct volcano – up in the hills of it, surrounded by more mountains and forests. My mom was a hippy and a ski-bum. I learned to ski as a toddler and lost my two front teeth on the face of Red Mountain, BC. In my […]

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Freja Hit and the Nature of the Gods

Freya Hit and the Gods - SpiritMAMA

Freyja. I had an inkling about her when I was meditating – as a flame dancing in the primordial darkness, before time and all else. Maybe she was the first creation, done by the Creator/ix who was alone and wanted to create: the thought comes, then there is light in the darkness, and I see her […]

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Following Freyja Down the Rabbit Hole

Following Freja - SpiritMAMA

  In my quest to understand the somewhat enigmatic figure of the goddess, my overall impression was that she, or her known story in the context of Norse cosmology, is incomplete. She shows up in enough primary sources to get a sense of her personality on a superficial level. However there are questions that arise […]

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Trance with Song

Trance with Song - SpiritMAMA

  At the school we are asked to practice going into trance every week on Freyja’s day – which is Friday. This is my first experience with crossing worlds via singing, instead of drumming or rattling. Amazing to be working on this, considering all the trouble I have had with singing this past year – […]

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