The South: Skin Shedding and Recapitulation

I’m posting this – an excerpt from my old blog – as a reminder of how far I have come. I love my quirky self. I have battled for a long time to get back to sanity and have my feet back on the ground. Post-partum depression, Graves’ Disease, chronic sleep deprivation – these are […]

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Macro to Micro: We Are of the Earth

Woman Covered in Flowers | SpiritMAMA Blog

This morning I did another meditation to speak to the spirit of my disease. I had interesting results with this work the last time I did it. Read that here. This is what came up this time: This time when I went into my turret staircase to decent into a deeper meditative space, I found […]

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Letting Go and Listening In

Letting Go and Listening In - SpiritMAMA

I feel no presence in my life, of spirit. I see nothing. But I hear things. Things that I feel in my heart at that moment, I am supposed to hear. Someone is trying to reach me. Sometimes I hear a voice in my head that stands out from the usual chatter – but this […]

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My Song

My Song - SpiritMAMA

I’m a singer – and I always have been. All my life I have sung out loud without any thought of being shy or afraid. My earliest singing memory is about 5, when I was walking home from kindergarten singing Somewhere over the Rainbow at the top of my lungs. I came by it naturally – […]

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