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Are you a spirit mama? Are you passionate about walking a spiritual path and living close to our planet? Do you have a story to tell about raising kids/family on a spiritual medicine path, spiritual homemaking, shamanism, yoga-life, prayer and devotion, woman’s issues, environmental stewardship, gardening, love for Mama-earth?

Do you run a red tent, coven or other pagan group? Are you a priestess or community leader, astrologer or oracle? Or a hermit, witch or healer?

Are you working a fierce practice, moving (through all your baggage) ahem.. mountains and want to talk about it?

Do you love to share pics of your altars, your crunchy family, your tarot spreads, your favourite hiking spots or your fire ceremonies?

SpiritMAMA (SM) is promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest other media– your articles will be promoted as they are published. You are invited to use this site to promote your own website or blog. SM will provide links back to any site that you submit to with your Bio.

Writers are given a platform to showcase their work to SM’s diverse and growing audience. Articles will be mostly left as is, but I reserve the right to edit for continuity of tone. I don’t mind if you write for other websites, but original articles submitted to us must not be published elsewhere.

Sound interesting? Check out the submission guidelines here.

Questions? Get in touch.

xo SM

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